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State of the Art 2019 By Keyani Watkins


Official State of the Art Block Party T Shirt for Art Basel 2019 designed by Keyani Watkins.

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Keyani Watkins is a Miami based artist/creative. At 23, Keyani uses materials such as graphite, color pencil, & acrylic paint to display his colorful pop culture inspired works of art. Usually juxtaposing cartoon and iconic figures to reveal a certain underlying truth that could bring the viewer laughter or a more serious perspective on current events. By scrambling the faces of well known cartoon characters, he creates a new character with an underlying nostalgic touch.

Keyani is making a name for himself as he ventures to different states like Chicago, New York, and Las Vegas to expose his art to the masses. His biggest goal is to live forever through his art. With his many movements he has created (#ArtNeverStops & #ImmortalThruArt) he plans to continue to grow as an artist and officially master the arts.


Blue, Pink


L, M, S, XL


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