Sound Spotlight: @ENZOVVS


ENZO`VVS is the best thing, melodically, coming out of the DMV. With the voice, image, and vision to match his melody, he is a superstar in the making. He’s only three songs in but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the quality of his music. He does not miss and his plays reflect that too, amassing over 40k plays on just three songs.

As trendy as his songs are, they are not without substance. His spaced out and atmospheric sounds set the scene as his soothing vocal melodies take us on a trip floating through the track. While his sincere and emotional delivery brings his boastful lyrics to life.

My personal favorite from him is “Like That” which was produced by StoneColdSage. A distorted yet soulful guitar takes center stage, backed by bouncy laid back drums. He fills the rest of the song with ad libs and other voices. To listen click here.

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