Interview With A Savage: BamSavage Goes Universal

Broward’s own BamSavage makes his major label debut with Universal/Republic. All the while adding a notch on the belt of South Florida‘s continuous reign within the realm of Hip-Hop. We got the chance to speak with the star on the rise and what he plans on bringing to the table. With a melodically inducing anesthetic, permeating through every record, BamSavage displays a calming calamity of passion & festive misplacement. Now with major label affiliation, BamSavage takes his downcast of romanticizing gloom to a higher terrace.
Q: Regardless of the platform, whether major label or DIY distribution, self sufficiency is key in the music industry. How has your transition does compare prior to your major label backing? Has anything been different?
 Its the same shit (laughs). It’s like you said; “it’s self sufficiency”. Yeah I might be signed with Republic Records but it ain’t their job to blow me up as an artist. Their job is to blow up my streams & presence. If Bam’s not hungry for it himself, the late not gonna do nothin’. We had the platform. Some crumble, Some take advantage. So far we’ve been doing pretty good.
Q: Your debut with Republic/Universal was your recently released EP: Yesterday’s Tomorrow. How did you piece this project together?
That’s like my diary. My book of spells. A fan commented “I’m a wizard”. In my head, I’m not even an artist when I got these book of spells. As far as the man it’s everything Everything I go through I write — even though I mostly freestyle — it all comes together like a book. Whatever’s n my mind, whatever I’m going through that day. One day I’m happy, one day my b*tch piss me off — all those levels of different emotions, I use as fun everyday.
Q: What are the next steps post release? Any tour dates?
I’m ready to drop an album. This was my first “official” EP, ever. I made the EP months ago, now I’m ready to piece together my first album. Other than the show I had for the EP release, the label is setting up my tour dates, starting in April. I’m gonna be boring the EP all around , I don’t know where just yet but I’ll be around.
Q: Who are some of the artists who are currently in your queue? What artists influenced you musically?
I don’t have Apple music, no Spotify. I’m still on Soundcloud. But right now I don’t listen to nobody. Reason why — a lot of artists will say this too — sometimes when I’m in the booth, I might do some shit, non-intentionally if I’m listening to something else. I try to stay away from that so my music can sound like me not everybody else. Besides that, I’m from New York but grew up in Broward. I bump Kodak — he’s cool. Then I like old school: The Fugees, Mos Def & Tribe. Growing up my inspirations were The Weekend, Drake & Travis $cott.
Q: You’re from New York?
I moved to Florida when I was about nine or ten. I was born in New York, NY. Then from the Bronx to Broward.
Q: Speaking of Broward County, ya’ll have been coming in hot. South Florida has erected a cultural “tentpole” within Hip-Hop, establishing a wellspring of talent. What exactly is in the water?
We got some energy over here (laughing). I don’t even know, since 2015, shit just started…happening. I was still in school at the time and I was just watching until my time was right. Things just started popping’ outta nowhere. It was like “NEW PLUG IN TOWN!” now n*ggas got the best shit. With that, it motivated the whole area. Those who paved the way for us, brought labels, A&R and everything to Broward. Shit got popping’ real quick. It’s been quiet for a bit but we’re still movin’.
Q: In the wake of XXXTentacion, how has he influenced you in life or death?
Bro, that shit hits me. It’s unfortunate, man. In his career he didn’t give up, he kept pushin’, going to court, in and out of jail, n*gga didn’t give up and he really took over. To me, he is one of my favorite artists. I can relate to him in a lot of ways, all the way down to the music. He should me the little techniques, as far as how to approach the music. Other than that, he put Broward on the map. It’s weird cause he’s 6 months older than me. We were living in the same condo complex growing up. It’s just wild. His energy has always been here.
Q: Broward hasn’t been the same without his presence, has it?
Man, what?! When it happened, I was talking to my homeboy and I told him it felt like a tree was just cut down, to the stump but the roots we’re still there, just rotting — that’s what it feels like in Broward without him. A lot of bad vibes down there now almost feels dead; that’s the energy he gave to us.
Q: You ready to pick up the baton to pick up that energy? For Broward?
I’m tryin’, bro. Man it’s gonna be hard but I’m tryin’.
Find Yesterday’s Tomorrow EP, HERE

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