D.C. Native Hassani Kwess Releases New Album “Tekken”


Serving as the debut album of Washington D.C. born artist Hassani Kwess, following up last years soulful “Pink Songs EP”, this is Kwess’ 7th overall project. The title “Tekken” is derived from the Japanese kanji meaning Iron (鉄=tetsu) Fist (拳=ken), describing his ruling status of his craft and gaining control of Kwess’, at times, turbulent life. Pioneering a self-dubbed sub-genre of Hip-Hop called TRONWAVE (a sound that fuses traditional Hip-Hop music with the unpredictable sounds and minimal drums of Electronic music), Tekken is a polarizing ride of Kwess’ internal emotions from every range, his own upbringing, thoughts on the world’s current state and declaration of self-worth. The album’s subject matter deals with 5 different vices that plague the 28-year-old artist (Drugs, Sex and Sexual Themes, Alcohol abuse, Vanity and Pessimism). Chocked full of vocal alterations, dynamic sound effects, synthesizers, minimal drums and dramatic instrumental shifts within any given moment of its 15 track duration. All to showcase the sporadic emotional and mental shifts of someone, not yet fully sure of themselves and their decisions, attempting to forgive themselves for their flaws and searching for a sanctum of peace.

Peep the tracklist below, and stream Tekken by clicking here.


1. Save The Queen (Madness, Joy and Fire) [prod. $ir Rajin Duke Nasty]

2. Blaque Daisies [prod. Pleasure Curses]

3. Last Wordz (Link I) [prod. $ir Rajin Duke Nasty]

4. Wu-Tapes [prod. $ir Rajin Duke Nasty]

5. Dedication 2! (Link II) [prod. $ir Rajin Duke Nasty]

6. God’s Sun [prod. $ir Rajin Duke Nasty]

7. King Level (feat. Uno Hype) [prod. Ron O’Neal]

8. Foreplay (Link III) [prod. Pleasure Curses]

9. Unstoppable [prod. Ron O’Neal]

10. What’s Really Going On Here? (Link IV) [prod. Ron O’Neal]

11. Jack Smoke [prod. Ron O’Neal]

12. A Love By A Sick, Twisted Genius [prod. $ir Rajin Duke Nasty]

13. EYEMovie [prod. $ir Rajin Duke Nasty]

14. The Remarkable Deep Dive (Link Ultima) [prod. $ir Rajin Duke Nasty]

15. Save The King (RIFM3) [prod. Ron O’Neal]

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