$wipe’s Right Of Way


The definition of progress, is defined by the onward steps in space & time — taking oneself to a more well-rounded state. Even amidst the endless reign of  obstacles, whatever they may be, progress is elemental. Uptown Philly cougar, $wipe is back, encapsulating his progression with his latest EP ubiquitously titled “Progress“.

$wipe‘s growth bleeds from each record. $wipe conceptually paces his quality of sound and lyrical advancement to step into a ravishingly clean version of himself. Bar for bar, $wipe‘s cougar growl has tightened & it is doused in a new car smell “Progress” is a backseat gospel, led by an uptown deacon, who teeters on the haven of his home while heavily stepping into a high quality version of himself. A feel good perspective of adapting to the realm of growth, all the while making sure one’s ego is smoother than new pavement. “Progress” is a literal graduation of the humble grit of $wipe‘s previous project “I95“.

Find Progress, HERE

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