$wipe Through Uptown, Philadelphia


Philadelphia — history and heart seep throughout the city of “brotherly love“. Aligning cheesesteaks and Rocky’s fist-flaring opus to define Philly is just the tip of the iceberg. A definitive sound radiates out of the city — and is now being chaperoned by Uptown, Philadelphia cougar named $wipe.

With a cordially smooth introduction, $wipe‘s i95 EP compiles soulful bare-knuckle, bucket seat bangers, while it teeters through a state of mind & a statement. i95 is an in-depth session where $wipe takes the wheel. Producing most of this piece, $wipe delivers an organic sound that manifests into a long, cozy backseat ride, exiting off Kelly Drive. The funk infusion and soulful bounce reflects what the city itself represents: heart. It’s clear that $wipe is packaged product of his environment. Substance runs deep under $wipe‘s orchestration.

Find i95 by $wipe, HERE

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