Uptown Philly’s Jus O Shares His Observations

Hip-hop is re-entering a transitional realm, returning to the uncut velocity of raw talent. As the culture of Hip-Hop umbrellas over the world, deviation from the it’s core was evident. Stepping up to the plate in Hip-Hop, molds the overall identity of the sound and artistry. Uptown Philly’s Jus O wields an unruly hunger. Jus O’s appeal lies with his stylized nostalgia — a flair that caters to the classic feel of an era of Hip-Hop that is currently being revitalized. Jus O’s lyrics lay smoothly on production like fresh pavement, terraforming a on the heavily convoluted terrain of the current state of Hip-Hop. Between Jus O’s previous project “Never Felt Better” & his current release “Just Uniquely Sharing Observations”, Jus O expresses an eye-level angst centered around making a name and combating growing pains.
Never Felt Better” felt personal, anxiously see-sawing the mind state of what is to become of the man & the music. While His latest release “Just Uniquely Sharing Observations” is a heightened display of deeply down-to-earth & riveting Uptown feel. There is a burning obsession within Jus O’s music, a punch drunk infatuation with the music itself — defining himself through the music.
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