Toronto’s Winter Soldier: Meet Layla Hendryx


Toronto — a city disguised as a cultural hub or a beacon, blanketed by the culture like the city’s winter snowfall. There is a cultural stew that simmers within the city, allowing new flavor to permeate, then hook on-lookers who want a taste of the next dish served. The prominence of Hip-Hop grants and fuses Toronto’s speciality into an expansion of sound, vibrancy and deep grandeur tone. Cross-genres peak from the multicultural militia of Hogtown. With many budding artists, who can potentially tip the scale of the music industry, one winter solider named Layla Hendryx who approaches the stovetop with flavored buoyancy and heat.

There is an elemental sound that comes from the “Great North” — a coat of arms that is nomadic yet hypnotizing. Layla Hendryx embodies a multicultural, mellow eccentric muse who see-saws on the jurisdiction of “rapper ternt singer”. In her most recent release, curated by JMAK,  the PREEPAID EP, Hendryx delivers a deep dish of ingredients — both new & familiar. It is a melodically induced, smoldering taste of an artist stepping into their own. With a deeply rooted Somalian background, Hendryx respectively integrates Toronto into her sound.


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