Through Mud & Grime: Meet Capo Lee


From the tower blocks of East London, birthed the reggae & ragga infused, electronic screw-face cousin of Hip-hop — grime. Since the early 2000s, grime’s grand presence has paved a way for a league of heavyweights, that are pouring out of the umbrella wielding a unique sound. Although hip-hop’s influence may seem evident, the “cultural cousins” are respectably different. It is those differences that allow the two genres to gravitate in a near hand-in-hand synchronicity. Common ground of content — societal issues, community, adversity — allow hip-hop and grime to touch base without stepping on each other’s toes.

A platoon of artistry has sprouted since the conception of the genre. Out of North London, Sir Spyro endorsed artist Capo Lee, makes an aggressive approach conjuring a name for himself. Stepping into the limelight as an MC has allowed Capo‘s range of skill mature, exponentially. Capo‘s latest release Capo The Champ EP exhibits a engagingly intense sound that not only grips you, but places listeners in the familiar trance of American hip-hop. The influence of his home turf & roots are emulated by grit in full force. Does grime have the ability to transition it’s distinct sound transition into hip-hop without culture clash? As the grime scene continues it’s uproar, Capo Lee stands at the edge of both MC & pioneer.

Find Capo’s Capo The Champ EP, HERE

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