The Rise of Matt McGhee And The Artistic Curation of Hip-Hop


Maryland has proven to be a breeding ground for pressure building hoards of [musical] talent. The unexplainable renaissance has piled on a seemingly endless stream of prospects — adding to the den. Specifically with hip-hop/rap acts, a militia of effervescent artists — who are unwillingly ready to bask in the lustrous limelight — makes the “starving artist” seem like an Olympic contestant, striding over the high hurdles of the ever-changing digital music industry. Even the sport like competitiveness has evolved, taking our standard of entertainment to the outer bounds of music itself. Links of the chain are slowly being clipped away by mismanaged egos or the over-zealous ambitions of reaching stardom. This mentality is gut-checking artistry to its knees. It is giving footing to opportunists rather than the talent and this cloud is billowing over the locality of hip-hop/rap music. Yet it may signal newcomers to bring their best, it is a reminder of the double-sided coin that comes with the pursuit of industry gain.

Despite the woes surrounding the [local] rap scene, Maryland’s own Matt McGhee has used these obstacles to conceptualize a compellingly organic presentation. There are no frills, or gimmicks but a careful curates clarity that surrounds Matt McGhee’s sound & imagery. McGhee is refreshing & cinematically in tune with how to reimagine the vernacular of “rapper” mean much, much more. Allowing his seemingly effortless sound to be fully encased by sensibility, McGhee‘s “Under New Management (2017)”, was a hearty portion of authenticity, embalmed by well-polished warmth. Somehow, a median of narration & reflection move within the project’s progression via sound bites from in the cult classic television series, “The Office“. This is the epitome of an artist whose managed by his artistry. Expanding the way one approaches the music. Allowing your artistry to manage your music, forcing listeners to crab-crawl their way through the velvet rope of the creative mind. Matt McGhee’s flair seems to excavate the tranches of the rap community, exploring the nooks & crannies of the bigger picture of an artist on the rise. But can Maryland’s heavily active [hip-hop/rap] scene turn its “cold shoulder” into an overture of communal wealth?

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