The Hot Box Returns w/ The Cookbook Vol. 2 [4/20 Mix] (Curated by Trap Bob & Hav Mercy)


Surprise bitches! After killing last year’s playlist, we decided to link up with DJ Hav Mercy and Trap Bob once again for the return the 4/20 Cookbook. This year’s sessions features the perfect intro, which sets the tone for the hour long mix curated by Hav Mercy and THB’s own DJ BM. We tapped a variety of artists, ranging from old school classics to new school smoke, including the obvious choices like Wiz & Curren$y, as well as the not-so-obvious Landlord Sho and The Three. Whatever your poison: blunt, bong, dab, joint, apple; these songs were compiled for your smoking pleasure today.

Let us know what you think about the  4/20 mix in the comments below.

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