Say It Loud: Meet LoudCru’s Mak Cash


LoudCru is not based on the individual — a way of life that goes deeper than rap, deeper than culture — but a lifestyle that refines the sense of family and locality. Maryland based artist Mak Cash is rooted within this conglomerate while orchestrating ideas of hip-hop, Rastafarian infused style of living and self identify. Mak Cash embodies this idea — tightly grasping onto creativity — and manifesting an image of his voice into a digital interpretation.

Mak Cash‘s latest EP I AM ME gains footing on the slope of artists who fear an upfront approach of gritty lyricism— while waltzing along a melodically induced soundtrack that caters to his current state of mind. Within this tight knit package, beginning track to the end, the genre of hip hop lays in limbo between contestation of a hitmaker and a genuine fruition of  “the sound of summer”. Accompanied by LoudCru affiliate E. Major as well as E4rmDacity & Bou, Mak Cash is a pure bred, class act of his own, that will consistently spawn a plethora of substantial hits.

Stream Mak Cash’s lastest project titled I AM ME, here

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