Sausage Party Movie Review: The Best Movie of the Summer


Sausage Party (just beating out Secret Life of Pets) is the best movie of the summer, due to circumstances, I slept through 69% of Suicide Squad so I reside to hold the opinion that it was wack until I watch again, or at least the ending. I passed on watching another Jason Bourne movie, Batman vs Superman was “cool” (Batman was a bitch in the fight scene), Deadpool was better, X-Men Apocalypse had some heat, Ghostbusters got no burn, Ninja Turtles carried along a great storyline covered in nostalgia for fans, & The Conjuring 2 scared the shit out of me.


Heading back into the Sausage Party (pause), where the characters foil was like many of our own, trying to please the Gods to get into the “Great Beyond.” The main characters are “Frank,” the Sausage, and “Brenda” the fat ass hot dog bun. The story mostly follows Frank and Brenda’s love squabble after they are picked off of their respective shelves by the Gods (humans) into the shopping cart to go to the “Great Beyond.” Their world’s are then turned upside down inside of that horrid shopping cart because Honey Mustard who is also picked to go with the Gods tells of his experience before committing suicide that there is NO “Great Beyond” only death. From this point on in the plot, half of the grocery items believe in the “Great Beyond” and the other half thinks it’s bullshit. Frank’s new mission in life is to find the real answers of the”Great Beyond” after their cart capsized leaving them stranded and ending many lives (RIP Peanut Butters life partner Jelly).


Seth Rogen, of a lot of fame (Superbad being my favorite movie), is a genius who’s characterization in Sausage Party should be applauded. The bully in the movie was literally a douche with a broken nozzle, “My Noz my motherfucking Noz,” then there’s “Barry” the deformed short sausage with a lot of girth, “I know I’m girthy, I can feel the bun, they know I’m there,” along with “Teresa” the Taco, Bagel “Davis” Jr, and some floppy white item whom nobody really knows what he his. The way Seth Rogen ties all of these character analysis together to stick to plot is beyond me, but I’m sure potent strains of marijuana played a part. Sausage Party plays along with stereotypes and other cultural aspects but never goes overboard or gets too offensive (the LGBTQ community would be proud of the orgy scene that I had to cover my eyes partly for). Instead Seth and writers jab at every stereotype under the sun infrequently then keeps it moving. No viewer can leave the theater without asking themselves “what did I just experience”, job well done Mr.Rogen.

Without spoiling the viewing experience for readers “out of sausage experience” (c) as Frank sums it up. The movie is filled with tons of quotables that are to be repeated verbatim, and scenes that I can affirm will make you say “WHAT THE FUCK”, like the bath salts scene or Mr.Gritz telling of his experience with the Crackers (my favorite). Living up to all the hype Sausage Party is a great visual experience that by the end of the film you shouldn’t have to persuade your partner much to let you just touch it with the “tip.”

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