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Seattle native EMI, presents a feel-good infused atmosphere of a vibrantly earnest yet fun gravitational pull of a misplaced cosmonaut whose curiously exploring life, the pursuit of money, all the while balancing love & loyalty. As listeners, we completely step into her atmospherical boundaries that we slowly gravitate to like a satellite in orbit.
Photo by Lea Godoy

Her most recent body of work, PLANET introduces heavy 808s along with witty lyrical style that bounce between the ear of “trap” and/or “pop”. The question of cross genres and trap music outgrowing its sub-genre under rap’s umbrella may confine EMI‘s vibrancy of sound. But fusing genres to advance her artistry should be considered for EMI to harness her overall unique sound.

PLANET by EMI is mysterious — something that leaves a lingering taste of a vibe that one would like to plunge into and completely embrace. Her omniscient point-of-view is presented as the captain of her own ship, navigating in her own world. We as listeners can only allow the smoke to billow as we step into embossed warmth of cosmic and earth-like familiarity.

Photo By Lea Godoy
Find PLANET by EMI, Here.

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