Akeem Mimiko Talks Album Inspiration for “Lost Boy,” DMV Music Scene + More


In our latest series, we have been focusing on artists, creatives, and tastemakers making a difference in DMV’s emerging music scene. Today, we caught up with Akeem Mimiko, who recently performed at our Jamboree showcase, to learn more about his new album, inspiration for “Lost Boy”,” DMV music scene and more!

Read the full interview in its entirety below.

Tell us about when you started doing music and your background?

I was born in Columbia Hospital for Women in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Greenbelt and Bowie (mainly Bowie). I’m big on video games, wrestling, and music. That’s pretty much it. I started rapping at 14 but didn’t start recording until 15 (2005). I was in a group called BAMN back in high school. The members were me, my good friend Joel, Dejahn and Azizi Gibson. Azizi is actually performing at Rolling Loud this year, so check him out.

What inspired your new album “LOST BOY?”

Lost Boy was inspired by my dating life for the last 3 to 4 years. The ups and downs of it. But Lost Boy in general means to be at standstill, no sense of direction but still trying to figure it out. So this can apply to anyone. Because we’re all trying to figure it out, no matter what.


Who are your biggest influences?
My biggest influence is Lil Wayne, hands down. He’s one of the guys that pushed the envelope in music. He does and says what he wants. No matter what the people might think of it or him. And his music is really beautiful and impactful. Wayne is the best rapper/artist of ALL time!

Most under-rated DMV artist?
I can’t tell you who I think the most underrated dc artist is but I can tell you who is in Maryland. It’s Matt McGhee. He does it all, rap, sing, produce and even engineers his own music. And here’s the thing, it’s REALLY good! He’s popping but I think he deserves more. Y’all need to get this man on the main stages of these festivals coming up. And shout out to Ras Nebyu, Shaq P, Corbin Butler, Kasey Jones and the whole 800. I can’t forget my brother Nimbus. They’re all out here killing it.

Favorite song &/or artist right now?
My favorite song right now is one of mine called “Goin Thru It,” Shoutout to Good Sushi for producing it, It’s available everywhere! My favorite artist right now is Big Sean. He’s the best rapper after Wayne, in my opinion.


What’s been the most rewarding moment in your music career so far?

My album Lost Boy. I’ve been recording that album for about 3 years. And the get the feedback that I’ve been getting is heartwarming. Because people who never in their lives listened to my music listened to this album and loved it. Til this day, people are still hitting me up, telling me that they listened and enjoyed it. I guess the release and promo were executed.

What artist would you love to work? (Dead or Alive)
The artist I would love to work is Lil Wayne. That’ll happen one day, I hope. There’s a lot of other artist that I would love to work with but I don’t want to talk your head off. RIP Bob Marley. He’s one of them.


What message would you say you’re trying to send to your listeners through your music?
I have a song called “Be You” and that song is self-explanatory. As long as you be yourself, you’ll be alright. People are going to judge you regardless, so don’t mind them. Continue to be yourself.

How would you describe Hip-Hop today?
Hip-Hop today is…..interesting and fun. Everyone’s putting out music here and there and it’s not stopping. It makes my brain hurt but it’s all good lol.

What’s coming up next for you?
New videos, more merch, shows, possibly a new EP this summer and this girl that I’ve been crushing on for a while. But I’m gonna let that play out the way it plays out.

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