Maryland Native “Nimbus” Talks New Single, Durag to Riches Movement, DMV & More


Maryland Native Jonathan Ferguson aka “Nimbus” has been known for throwing his epic parties across the DMV area as well as his music. As he prepares to drop his new single “OL’ BOY”. We sit down to get to know him and with what’s new with his Durags to Riches Movement.

What’s your background and how did you get started?

I grew up in a home where I had both my mother and father, a lot of the homies from my neighborhood didn’t have both of their parents or stayed in trouble. My folks opened their home to all of these kids in the neighborhood so I saw how to show love at a young age. This shaped my background cause I learned how to treat people. Being a good human being is one of the most important things in life before anything.

How would you think you’re different from any other artists?

I’m not scared to put myself out there. I notice a lot of artist these days try to be so cool on social media that they lose the essence in their art. Everything doesn’t have to be curated to perfection. Be personable, have a few laughs and try something new, you never know you might surprise yourself.

Who are some artist that you would love to work with in the future?

MF DOOM hands down! dude is so elusive…but if I could get him on on a record I’d be hype! Also a huge Pharrell fan, him and Lupe Fiasco made me the man I am today. I like Toro Y Moi as well…but I could literally name a hundred artist that I would love to work with!

How do you describe your music to people?

I try not too, thats up for the listener to decide. Over the years my style has changed tremendously. I’m into anime, fashion, and art so all of these play a large role in my music.


What’s been the most rewarding moment in your career so far?

Most rewarding thing I’ve done so far is not be addicted to drugs and that I stayed my black ass out of jail (laughs) a lot of the homies weren’t so lucky. So for me to be able to tell my story, for them is the most rewarding thing so far.

What inspired/Started the “Durags to Riches” Movement?

Haha thats a funny story, we were all in New York one day…I think we had just left express tailor on Rivington st. I was with my boy Dizzy and we were just making up funny sayings like “if your durag red stay in bed” and I randomly said “from drugs to riches” and he was like YOOOO THATS HARD! It really stuck with the brand because its such an important mantra in our culture and upbringing…so we adopted it as part of the white durag lifestyle cause we literally all came from durags to riches…the ultimate come up.


How would you say growing up in the DMV/ Maryland affected your sound today?

You know the DMV area is not shy to sparking you up! Growing up my friends STAYED joaning on me. It made me realize that me being different made me unique, and instead of trying to fit in with everyone else I just followed my own wave. They can catch it when they catch it haha

Favorite song/ artist right now?

I’ve been bumping Larry June heavy! He has this one record called Still Mackin’ it has that vibe that you just picked up shorty and you know it’s going down when you get back in the house.

What’s next for you? ( Upcoming events, music, album etc..)

We got a lot in the works right now. Im finishing up my next project (its almost done), so I’m pretty excited to share that with everyone. The direction the sound is going in is very different than my previous work. As for white durag we’ve got TONS of new events planned for this year, in plenty of different cities in the U.S. Definitely stayed tuned cause we wanna go all out with these next ones!

What inspired your new upcoming single “Ol’ Boy?

Ol’ Boy was inspired by my old high school self (laughs). I used to be a huge sneakerhead and I would spend hours on forums just talking about shoes, buying shoes and trading. So I wanted to make a record touching on that part of my life.

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