Live And Don’t Obey: Meet Trillgod Monte

Hip-hop shares familiarities of the Wild West. Ruthlessness and the endless desire for a plentiful bounty. All the while one’s name rings bells while impatiently being chronicled as legend. Tenacity; the never ending hustle — and individuality is in place of the guns & ammo. Artists must dredge through territory that others may claim as there own.
When the dust settles, Trillgod Monte is an outlaw who does not play by the rules. His eerie style of psychedelic trap is dosed with the cadence of a uninhibited MC who caters to both realms — reality & spirituality. Live And Don’t Obey is his title LP as well as the mantra that extends beyond the eardrums. It is an extension of an experience that teeters on the brink of trap music & otherworldly. Versatility — along with a message of awareness — pour over into an ever flowing tirade of a enlightening, lyrical onslaught.
Stream Live And Don’t Obey, HERE

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