Get To Know Singer/Songwriter Funsho As He Drops New Single “Money Talk” Feat. Akeem Mimiko


Maryland singer/songwriter Funsho is back with new music for his upcoming summer single series, LOVEFORMONEY. The catchy record entitled “Money Talk,” features another DMV native by the name of Akeem Mimiko, who adds a fresh sound over production from Chef Belin. Funsho and Akeem were both performers at our Jamboree showcase back in April. Since then we caught up with Funsho to dive into his story as an artist and learn more about his new summer series LOVEFORMONEY.

Who is FùNSHO and how did you get started in singing and songwriting?

I’m a singer, songwriter, and storyteller. I really enjoy telling stories through music, whether their my own personal stories or something I saw, or experienced that moved me. A lot of my music starts from a feeling and grows into a full blown story. I started writing when I was young, around the time when I was in middle school. I used to write poems and never share them with anyone, and then I learned I could sing and they turned into songs that I now share with everyone.

Explain in detail the inspiration behind “Money Talk” and what the writing process was like?

“Money Talk” was inspired by feelings of doubt, uncertainty, and hope all at the same time. Like many people in my generation, I’m trying to create my own path. One that is different from what is considered conventional. This is challenging and that challenge is frustrating. That frustration, married with the optimism that comes from daily reminders of my own value and greatness in the form of small and big accomplishments is what inspired “Money Talk.” This song is about my grind, my hustle, and my growth as a musician and a human in general. To me, Money Talk feels like an anthem for every twenty something person out there trying to make their own lane in a world that’s not designed for free thinkers. The writing process for money talk for me was very effortless, it sort of felt like the words have always been there somewhere in my mind, and when I heard the beat, which was produced by Chef Belin, they just came pouring out naturally.

I find this song very relatable to our generation, what’s the main message you wanted to relay to your audience?

I really hope that this song reminds people to judge themselves by their own standards of success and celebrate the little wins. The overall message is “you good fam, keep pushing!”

How would you say being raised and or living in the DMV has influenced your sound?

The DMV is filled with so much talent in many different genres other than hip hop and RnB. Growing up I was inspired by the unmistakable energy that you feel from live GoGo music. This experience mixed with my own exploration of sounds from all across genres and areas of the world has definitely opened my mind to what vibes i’m willing to experiment with when creating.

Who are some of your biggest influences overall?

Some of the artists who inspired me to want to be a musician in the first place are creatives like Sade, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill, and Outkast. I’m inspired by people who push the envelope when it comes to visual style, their message, and the boundaries of their sound.

Who is some artist you’d love to work with in the future? (Could be DMV based, or not)
It would be dope to work with Pharell Williams one day. I really respect his creative mind.

What’s a fun fact about FùNSHO that a lot of your fans don’t know about you?

Grand Theft Auto is my favorite video game and has been since like 1998. I could literally play it all day and not get bored. Also, I suck at NFL Madden, it’s kinda sad really, i’m not proud of this fact.

What’s next for you? (Upcoming shows, projects etc….)

I’m launching a Crowdfunding campaign for my next album with a series of T-shirts that I designed, inspired by the LOVEFORMONEY concept, which will drop next week. I have a show in DC at the end of July, date, venue, and tickets TBA! I’m also currently writing, producing, and recording my album.

Stay tuned for more releases from Funsho, but in the meantime stream his new single “Money Talk” featuring Akeem Mimiko below.

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