From Largo to Limelight: Hip-Hop Leviathan Q Da Fool Moves Mountains


Trouble has the tendency to accompany one until the brink or manifesting itself into a voice. In the sense of criminality, Hip-Hop has been a mouthpiece on the perspective of an unswayed antihero — one who has succumbed to the tyranny of one being a victim of injustice or just a product of one’s environment. Hip-Hop has been a breeding ground for the [occasional] societal renegade, whose loose cannon cadence, catapults toward mainstream success. It is there, where the stigma of criminality is diluted by glamorization yet fully embraced by the authenticity. A hooligan turned HOV — normalizing  the perspective while using Rap/Hip-Hop’s artistic expression.

Maryland’s Q Da Fool aligning himself with Hip-Hop is a total thrill ride. He’s a bat out of hell, who emits a fiery blaze at every breath. Q’s presence is a disorderly, ringside fight, engulfed in a kevlar infused mind-state, all the while allowing the listeners intoxicatingly wield the infamous screw-face. His flavor is deeply rooted in the sound of southern Trap Music. He has homegrown potency,  a pluck of true grit that is the perfect currency in the realm of Hip-Hop. Q’s advantage over the raw undisputed truth may exclude intricate delivery but capitalizes on the festering infatuation with the grim substructure of street culture.

While reinventing the “starving artist” into “gluttonous gladiator”, Q’s no-holds-bars attitude has allowed the 21 year old to release 10+ projects —including  the latest “No Competition” (2018). Despite legal woes, his buzz  has been pulsating through the east coast, which has led to collaborating with Trap Music pioneer & Grammy-winning producer Zaytoven. Endorsements from several local based acts have expressed the magnitude of Q‘s presence & demeanor.  There is no doubt Q Da Fool’s momentum can exceed expectations but there is a marathon between maintaining artistry and severing ties with trouble.

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