From Go-Go to Podcast: Walking Like Walter


The sound of Go-Go music is an unmistakable one, unique to the Washington D.C. area, a staple. It’s impact is that of Grunge music to Seattle, or House Music in Baltimore. Pioneered by the late Chuck Brown, the Go-Go sound has resonated across the country, with several artists making national waves, yet it has managed to stay relatively isolated to the area surrounding the Nation’s Capitol for more than five decades. Walter Hansborough has been a key figure in several bands keeping the sound of what was once known as Chocolate City alive and kicking. Now, he’s taking his talents to the podcast world, swapping a stage mic for a studio one, discussing a range of topics over tequila.


From Chuck Brown and The Soul Searchers, to Junkyard Band, to Experience Unlimited with Sugar Bear, several Go-Go bands have seen their music celebrated far and beyond the borders of the district. While much of go-go is interpolations of current music with grand musical genius provided by a live band, some bands have made a splash via original music. One of those bands is New Impressions, thanks to the viral spread of hits like “Found Myself A Clappa”.

Hansborough is a product of the area, hailing from Glenarden, MD. The Hampton University grad grew up in the midst of the go-go scene, going from bands like Y.B.I. to New Impressionz as a hypeman/rapper. Under the pseudo “WalkLikeWalt”, the 30-year-old bachelor would recite raps and chants in the typical go-go fashion. Early in the decade, Hansborough left the band, on good terms. Occasionally, you’ll see Hansborough on site with the band during shows, delving in his past life. Sometimes he’ll grace the mic, other’s he’ll just spectate.

Now, he’s combining his love for a good drink with his vast network of friends and associates developed over the years into a podcast entitled Tequila Tlk. The podcast will follow a format similar to the ever-popular hip-hop series Drink Champs hosted by rapper Noreaga and DJ EFN. Guests will be invited to discuss a range of topics over a good drink, with different guests of different magnitudes weekly.

Go-Go is surely to be a topic of discussion.

Follow Hansborough on Twitter @WalkLikeWalt for more updates.

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