Finish Your Breakfast Ep. 6: Smoke Season


For the sixth episode of the Finish Your Breakfast Podcast, Terrence Da Gawd and Super Mari discuss all the smoke taking place in the music industry right now. As we all know there has been much talk about Eminem since Joe Budden went on a rant during his podcast show claiming Em fell off. Joe’s even taking it a step further, challenging Eminem to a rap beef, so it’s only right M&T give their viewpoint on the matter. In addition, things have heated up in the female rap game with both Cardi B and Nicki Minaj‘s crews who were going at it during NYFW. Here, the two discuss everything from the scuffle to Nicki’s comments on her Queen radio show. Terrence and Mari also touch on the sad and unexpected passing of Mac Miller and how mental illness has impacted the music industry within the last decade. Wait! There’s more but you have to click on the clip below to find out the rest! As we always say, grab A T-bone steak, cheese eggs, Welch’s grape and enjoy Finish Your Breakfast podcast below!

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