Enter Planet EMI – Seattle Native Sets The Atmosphere


Seattle native EMI, presents a feel-good infused atmosphere of a vibrantly earnest yet fun gravitational pull of a cosmonaut whose curiously exploring life, the pursuit of money, all while honestly disputing her own demons. She completely allows us to step into her atmosphere — a feat uneasy to execute during a time that allows curiosity to be gutted by information. Emulating an idea rather than delivering a hearty portion of oneself, has slowly sheared away at authenticity. EMI is a curious case — her oddity polishes her approach to a brink of interest and relatable outlook.

There is familiarity in EMI’s sound. Heavy 808s compliment her sultry voice & magnetic  appeal. Whether vibrantly dark or menacingly colorful, I’d conveniently claim that EMI tight-ropes between the sound of “trap” and/or “pop”. But questioning cross genres — especially within “rap” — paints a stigma of cultural exploitation. It also begs to question “trap music” outgrowing its tenure  as a sub-genre, under rap’s umbrella. As of now, It may be hard to determine which way the scale will tip — but branding EMI would only hinder her artistry, vibrancy and the unbound willingness to treat records like a jungle gym — swinging into things, suspending over industry standards & just having a good ass time.


PLANET is in all words: mysteriously upfront. Something that leaves a lingering taste of a vibe that one would like to tap into at will. Her omniscient point-of-view is presented as the commander of her own ship that is navigating the forces of love & money. Her voice tethers you to a strangely contagious vibe that is near hypnotic. Once listeners strap in, let the smoke billow as you step into the heavily embossed warmth of Planet EMI. Watch your step.

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