Chicago’s Saba Pivots On The Axis Of Artisty


The human elements of vulnerability, humility & self awareness is disguised in a thick cloud under the current state of Hip-Hop. The ability to relate to the volume of artists, spewing out of the spout, trying to stick the landing, all the while, balancing longevity & stardom. That organic energy of raw talent, becomes impenetrable, then shatter through ceilings of expectation. There are a handful of artists that are able to tap into that channel. Turning vulnerability into a superpower.

Chicago’s SABA is a humble tyrant. Intelligent — totally in tune with keeping shit grounded. Intricate rhymes form like an algorithm, bridging the gap of the wide open wound we currently call Hip-Hop. There is comfort with SABA’s tone and melodramatic themes. It serves as a poetically gritty sermon that expresses the seemingly endless battle of questioning morality. vocalizing a perspective that is endearingingly intense, while completely embalmed in a very irregular yet inviting, flavor. SABA is the calm amongst the storm, he is the coarse britsles that brush against the grain. SABA’s latest release, CARE FOR ME is an open letter — sharply concise as a letter open — taking the heart on his sleeve, then overexposing it to an array of obstacles that are on the forefront of raw humanity. The perfect picture, painted and penned by ill pacing of breath control and a melodic entrapment. With the minimal level of chaos in Hip-Hop today, subject to artistry & sincerity, it’s detrimental SABA gets a piece of the pie.


Why is the significance of artistry important in Hip-Hop? Why are we starved for depth? Could it be the correlation of the “starving artist” as a “minor league” representative to the people? Could it be the high [oceanic] tide of cookie cutter artists, flooding the charts and culture? Or shall we make due with our tolerance of instant gratification of new age Hip-Hop? At the end of the day, raw, uninhibited talent is the best way to elevate the culture.

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