Beamers, Bands & Bravado: Money Makin Nique Capitalizes His Hustle


Finding your hustle is a task within its own. Fine tuning your skills while continuing to dodge and duck your way toward financial indulgence. Now, you’re diligently balancing the two, with a third – survival. The ideology of the hustler is a celebration of utter respect — a glory road paved with blue bills, [possibly] endless shrimp and a semi-heroic ethos. West Atlanta’s Money Makin’ Nique personifies this — bringing a hemi-charged bravado to the industry.

Despite the large canopy of artists streaming out of ATL, and a cocktail of label disputes & legal troubles, Nique uses his screw-face lyrics that cinematically relay his hustle. Nique’s arc emulates a gut-checking, power hungry corner-boy whose own name indicates his infectious love for the bag. As an artist, Money Makin’ Nique utilizes his presence to vocalize a lifelike view of the phrase “Fuck You. Pay Me.” – an ode that speaks for itself. I believe throughout Nique’s catalog, he manages to create a dimension where hustling is a muse – a full-bodied black goddess who rejoices at one’s hardship  in order to keep the mind state polished.

His latest body of work, Bring Money Witchu, feels like a payday on Friday, wrapped up in gran coupe merino leather. A series of accounts from strippers in their locker rooms are episodically tucked into this project. They exchange the laughable daily woes of work related annoyances in order to cash out. With production credits from Lyle Leduff, Zaytoven, Slade Da Monsta & The Alchemist, his versatility peaks but doesn’t cloud where he’s from. This is crucial for Atlanta — due to the obvious offspring of the “4/4 Time Signature” or predominantly dubbed “Migos flow” or “triplet flow”. Originality has eroded to the politics of the music industry. In late 2017, Nique announced severing the long entanglement of his Atlantic deal. This is paramount. Even when you’re ten toes down, then the adversity feels like the crackling thin ice beneath your feet, one’s hustle keeps them sharp enough to glide over soft patches.

Find Bring Money Witchu, HERE!

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